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Curieuse Island!

Just a few hundred metres separates the three square kilometre island of Curieuse from Praslin, with just a singular islet located between the two land masses.

From 1833 until the mid 20th century, Curieuse was home to a quarantine station for lepers. Today, only a few old ruins and the doctor house are left. This house is a French colonial building that dates back to 1870 and, these days, the house is a small museum and a visitor's centre.

Curieuse is the fifth-largest of the Inner Seychelles islands, and offers unspoilt wilderness and popular photo opportunities for guests, from the outstanding granite rock beaches and the quaint, freely-roaming giant tortoises to the Coco de Mer palm trees and the unspoilt mangrove forests.

The surrounding waters are home to a rich array of marine life and are strictly protected.

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