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Island of Discovery!

Saint Anne Island is the largest island in the Marine National Park off Mahe, dominated by a large mountain which rises to 800 feet surrounded by thick tropical vegetation.

The islands of this Marine Park are full of history. Ste.Anne island is the site of the first French settlement in 1770, a courageous undertaking as the island was surrounded by swamps teeming with crocodiles. Dominated by a hill rising to 246m and surrounded by thick tropical vegetation, Ste.Anne served as a base for the Royal Marines (during World War II), who assured the defense of Victoria, the capital of Seychelles. Remnants of the cannons used can still be found on the island.

The Ste.Anne Marine National Park forms an important part of the cultural heritage of the Seychellois people and we ask you to leave behind nothing but your footsteps and take away nothing more than photographs and memories.

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