Get fast portable Internet at just €20​

Portable Wi-Fi

Want to stay online during your Seychelles trip, but worried about the massive roaming bill?

Don’t worry! Capricorn Car Rental offers you super-fast portable Wi-Fi for travellers in Seychelles at just €20​. The portable Wi-Fi allows you to connect five (5) devices to the internet at the same-time. Check mails, browse, keep posting on social media, upload photos, make video calls, and do so much more.

Unlock powerful features of our portable Wi-Fi:

  • Ultra-fast 100Mbps 4G wireless internet

  • Full coverage across Praslin Island

  • Connect up to 5 devices – be it laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, or wearables

  • 1 GB complementary data – lasts multiple days of light usage or 1 day of high usage.

  • Higher data volumeplans available 

  • No deposit ($70 fee only if the device is lost) 

  • Large capacity battery device on standby over a day. If you ran out of battery you can always charge in your car or any USB port at your hotel.

Get Cheap High-speed Internet

We offer cheap portable internet for tourists in Praslin. Our highly reliable portable MiFi comes with incredibly affordable prices because we supply Cable & Wireless local sim card with it. Cable & Wireless offers the most fast internet in Seychelles and is the most popular telecom service among the two major mobile operators in the region. The local sim card gives you relief from the expensive roaming charges and allows you to stay connected throughout your Praslin island experience.

It’s Fast. It’s Simple. It’s Reliable

Our portable Wi-Fi is extremely easy to use. We charge it fully when we give it to you. You can use it for hours without any interruptions. You can charge it again in your hotel room at the end of the day, and the portable hotspot will be ready for use in no time. It already has a prepaid sim card inside it. 

Power it on and connect your devices to the portable Wi-Fi. That’s it. You can use the internet to your heart’s content.

Will I Need a Portable Hotspot in Praslin, Seychelles?

Yes. And, No.

Popular hotels and restaurants in Praslin do offer Wi-Fi for travellers in Seychelles. However, they are sparse. Even when they do offer Wi-Fi hotspots, access is limited to public spaces like the swimming pool, buffet area, and so on. So, if you leave those areas or the hotel, you will find yourself without internet.

If you need internet when you are on the move, say for using internet-enabled GPS on your phone, you need a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Also, there are only 1 or 2 internet cafés in Seychelles. So, no luck there.

In short, if you wish to enjoy the beauty of Seychelles thoroughly and still want to stay connected throughout your experience, then you need portable internet in Seychelles.


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