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Best deal on car rental services in Praslin Seychelles

Our Terms


All you need is a destination and not magic

Our Conditions


  • That he has received the vehicle free from defects or damage (except as shown in the schedule) and he acknowledges that the owner has no liability in respect of any injury or damage arising from the use of the vehicle (except for the Owner’s obligation set above).

  • That the vehicle remains the property of the Owner at all times.

  • To refrain from prejudicing the owner’s rights in the vehicle.


  • To restrict driving to persons not named in the agreement.

  • To pay as per the agreement on the contract of the cost of repairing the vehicle in case of accident, theft or other loss.

  • To use the vehicle and accessories in a proper and careful manner and only for social domestic pleasure and business purpose and excluding: (i) Any race, competition or trail (ii) Use for hire or reward (iii) Drawing a trailer (iv) Illegal purposes or carriage of goods (v) Driving by person who is under influence of drinks or drugs (vi) Use on the beach

  • To lock the vehicle when left unattended.

  • To notify the owner immediately of any accident, damage, fire or theft and to complete forthwith the owner’s accident report form.

  • To inform the owner at least three days before the end of the hire if he wants to extend it.

  • To return the vehicle to the owner at the end of the hire at the designated place, in the same condition as it was in at the beginning of the hiring.

  • To pay for the duration of your hire at the rates charged as shown in the schedule before driving the car.

  • To pay for all petrol and oil used. Fuel left after hire of vehicle is not refundable.

  • Not to drive the vehicle on the beach sand as it might stuck.

  • If the hirer does not comply with any of the conditions:
    a. To return vehicle to the owner immediately
    b. To pay to the owner on demand any lost he suffers

  • To indemnify the owner against any loss he suffers in consequence of any damage, fire or theft to or the vehicle and any claims made by any person in respect of the vehicle whilst it is in the custody of the Hirer.

  • To pay any fines, charges, costs and taxes for any and all infringements of traffic, parking or other laws for which the vehicle, the hirer, or owner is responsible during the term of this Agreement, exempt however for infringements results from fault of the owner’s part.

  • Any loss of keys whilst the car is in the possession of the hirer will be the direct responsibility of the hirer who will pay for the loss. A delivery fee may be levied for its replacement.

  • Any abnormal damage to tyres and rims other than a puncture will be the responsibility of the Hirer. Under no circumstance will the car be driven on a flat tyre, otherwise the hirer assumes full responsibility for any damage whatsoever.

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