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Go somewhere where the Sun kisses the Ocean

If you are looking for a great ride to take you around the magnificent island of Praslin, then you are at the right place. We offer the best cars to make your vacation in Praslin, Seychelles perfect. We offer clean, well-maintained, and comfortable cars that are waiting to take you around the magical Praslin island. Capricorn Car Rental has put together a fleet of cars that offers something for every type of traveler.

cheap small car rental services in Praslin - Seychelles

Hyundai I10

For a traveler on a budget, Hyundai i10 offers the best value. Hyundai i10 is a comfortable ride that can seat 5 passengers and store 1 large bag and 1 small luggage bag. Capricorn Car Rental offers you the choice between automatic and manual drive.

5 Passengers




Hyundai Grand i10 Car Rental services Praslin - Seychelles

Hyundai Grand I10

More spacious than its predecessor, the Grand i10 Hyundai also seats 5 passengers. It has a larger boot space which can accommodate 1 big and 2 small bags. It’s automatic, and it’s economical; it’s the most convenient way to enjoy a tropical vacation.

5 Passengers




Mini Moke - perfect vacation car rental in Praslin - Seychelles

Mini Moke

There isn’t a more stylish way to explore Praslin than to zoom around in the 4-seater convertible Mini-Moke. Bring the roof up on a sunny day or take it down to feel the island breeze in your hair. Mini-Moke at Capricorn Car Rental comes in 2 color options – blue and white.

5 Passengers




Hyundai Creta SUV Car Rental in Praslin - Seychelles

Hyundai Creta SUV

Need a more luxurious option? A little more space, maybe? Then, our Hyundai Creta should be your car of choice. The automatic vehicle can seat 5 passengers. It has enough boot space to carry 2 big and 2 small pieces of luggage. Pick this car to enjoy Praslin in luxury.

5 Passengers





Explore in comfort with Capricorn Car Rental

What is your island ride? 


    Who are your vacation partners? If you have ever rented a car for a holiday, then you know that this is a fundamental question.

    Mini Moke is an awesome ride to go around the island with a bunch of friends. The convertible vehicle is stylish, and the open car will keep the air flowing.

    If you are traveling with a child, a closed car is a preferable option. So, you can go with the Hyundai i10 or the Hyundai Creta. These closed cars will keep the kids safe. They are also a better option if you are traveling with older people. You can control the temperature and cruise more smoothly in these cars.


    You must know the number of people you will be traveling with. This is elementary. All cars offered by Capricorn Car Rental services can accommodate at least 4 people. The most spacious vehicle we offer is the 5-seater Hyundai Creta.

    Tourists often do not consider the comfort factor in their plans. There is a difference between the number of people a car can seat and the comfort each person can get in that car. Although Hyundai i10 can seat 5 people, the backseat passengers will have to sit pressed against each other.

    On the other hand, the 5 people sitting in the Hyundai Creta will have enough leg room and space to enjoy a more comfortable journey. So, take this into account when choosing your ride from our wide range of cars for your Seychelles vacation.


    The amount of luggage you will be carrying depends on your company. A group of bachelors may carry nothing during their tour of the Praslin Island. On the other hand, a family with a small child will pack everything from baby food to diapers to other supplies for their family’s day out. So, you must keep that in mind before you contact a car hire company.

    The Mini-Moke offers little space for luggage. The Hyundai i10 has decent space that can accommodate 1 big and 1 small piece of luggage. On the other hand, Hyundai Creta offers double the space of i10. It can easily fit 2 small and 2 big bags. So, gauge the amount of luggage you will be carrying with you when you will be traveling around in Praslin island.


    This is another critical factor to take into account when choosing your car for hire. Whether you are on a budget vacation or in the mood to splurge on your honeymoon, the budget should dictate the type of car you want to travel in.

    When you come to Capricorn Car Rental, we make it a point to get you the best value for your money. We offer you the best prices across the island on every car in our fleet. So, whether you hire our smallest car, Hyundai i10 or our biggest rental, Hyundai Creta, you will not find a better car hire deal on them anywhere else on the island.


    Once you have shortlisted your ride from our range of vehicles, book it online on our website.


    From the moment you book the car till you return it to us, our customer service support will be available to you 24x7.


    Get in touch with us to get the details about our cars, our policies, the complementary items, and our best car hire deal.


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