Mini Moke - Open Car

The breath-taking island of Praslin is the ultimate holiday destination. 

And Capricorn Car Rental is the perfect way to explore it.

Capricorn Car Rental

The sun, the sand, and your dream ride to indulge in it - all with Capricorn Car Rental.
Mini Moke - Open Car

For years, our car rentals have been creating awesome holiday experiences for customers from around the world.


Our easy and affordable rentals, super-comfortable cars, and flexible approach will take away your anxiety and fill you up with the vacation spirit.


We have been doing this for years, and with experience comes flawless service. And it’s for you to enjoy.

We want you to experience the best of Praslin in your way.   

The small island in Seychelles is hardly 12km long and 5km in width. This small area can easily be covered by a bus within 3 hours. Great! Praslin – done and dusted! That’s one way to explore it.

However, if you wish to savor this hidden jewel of the Indian Ocean to its fullest, you need to stop, smell the flowers, and then stop some more.

Explore. Stop. Savour. Repeat.

That’s why – Capricorn Car Rental. We have a fleet of functional and spacious cars. We have everything from Mini Moke for a wild ride to Hyundai Creta for a comfortable family trip.

Mini Moke - Open Car
Mini Moke - Open Car

​Choose a Car

As soon as you book your flights to Seychelles, choose your ride from our fleet. Your choice of vehicle must be based on three factors – the time of the year you are visiting, the number of people, and the type of experience you are looking for.

Get the Car

When you arrive at Praslin, let us know when and where you want the car. Our delivery personnel will bring the car to you. They will reach you on time, without fail. There is a reason why we are the #1 car rental service in Praslin.

Pay on Delivery

NO DEPOSITS! That’s right, you only pay for the rental on the car and that too when it is delivered to you at your doorstep. Our personnel will process the rental payment and handover the car keys to you.

Enjoy Your Vacation

Drive the car through the length and breadth of the island. Take it where your heart desires. We want you to have the vacation of a lifetime. No compromises.

Ask for Help

We have a customer support service in place. If you run into any trouble, just give us a call and we will come to you immediately 24x7. If you have any question or query, get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

Easy Bookings

We take offline and online bookings. We are almost always pre-booked. Make your bookings in advance for a confirmed booking. You don’t need to put down a credit card or pay a booking fee.

Modern Fleet

Our impressive fleet of cars has something for every kind of traveler. So, whether you will be driving alone or with a group, we have a car just for you. You can also get a fast 4G mobile Wi-Fi for only € 20.

Competitive rates

Our car rentals are premium in quality but not in price. We offer Praslin visitors the best car rental deals on all bookings. In fact, there is no deposit fee for the rental either. So, whether you are looking for a luxury car rental or an economy car rental in Seychelles, we have it.

Doorstep Rentals

As a tourist, you may find it difficult or tedious to find us. However, as locals, we can reach you anywhere. Let us come to you with the car. The best part?  You get the doorstep drop absolutely FREE. 

Complete Care

Praslin is a welcoming island. You will experience its mesmerizing feeling the moment you get into your car. We offer you free baby car seat, child booster, free drinking water, free map of the island, and 24x7 customer service support. Let’s make your Seychelles experience magical.

Small family car
Mini Moke - Open Car

Our fleet is at the heart of our operations. Our well-maintained fleet of cars has something for everyone. Pick your match.

Mini Moke

This convertible is the dream car of all island explorers. Live yours with the blue and white Mini Moke car rental with us. Perfect for 4 passengers.

Hyundai i10 and Hyundai Grand i10 

An affordable compact car for a group of 5 travellers. There are available in automatic and manual options. An excellent choice for budget travellers.

Hyundai Creta

Get more space with this heavy weight from Hyundai. The 5-seater SUV car rental is a great way to explore the island with a touch of luxury.


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